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A Summary of What You Will Find   The JobFactory provides online help for the jobseeker in the following areas...

JobSpider internet search engine for jobs. Search millions of job openings by job title and geographical area.

JOBSITES ... link to 23,065 sites on the internet that post job openings. Lists includes email addresses and fax numbers set up to accept resumes. JOBSITES allows you to search for employers either geographically or alphabetically and it automatically creates a list of related employers for you to consider in your job search.

JOBLINES ... a list of 3,787 telephone numbers that provided recorded information about job openings. JOBLINES automatically creates a list of related employers with recorded job information.

TOP CAREER SITES ... OUR list of the top 250 career sites on the internet with summaries of what services are offered at each site.

CLASSIFIED ADS ... links to the classified job advertisements at 1,067 newspapers in the United States, Canada, Asia, and Europe.

RECRUITERS ... 5,056 recruiters with online job postings categorized by areas of recruitment.

JOBSITES CLASSIFIED BY INDUSTRY ... links to employment websites sorted by industry.
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