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JobFactory Banner Ads allow recruiters and other advertisers to tap into the stream of JobSeekers who come to the JobFactory looking for employment information. Your banner advertisement can be linked directly to your own web site or to a web site constructed and maintained by the JobFactory.

Banner advertising can be placed in several areas:

Search Engine Ads:

Advertising on the Search Engine can be targeted by city, state, and jobtitle. This allows employers and other advertisers to carefully target their advertising message. Since jobtitles corresponds well to income, it is possible for general advertisers to segment their message by income.

Advertising rates for this area are $5/1000 impressions.

Recruitment Area Ads:

You can place your banner at the top of the recruitment page for your area of recruitment. Each page is reached by selecting an industrial classification, so jobseekers are screened by industry. Banners in this area are $250/month.

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